Energy Suspension Polyurethane Sway Bar Install

Preventive maintenance is always important to avoid potential failure while driving. For the most part, a sway bar link breaking while driving isn’t too dangerous, but it could be very bad during a hard corner or emergency stop. We’re focusing on such preventative maintenance here, with a sway bar bushing upgrade on a 1993 C1500.


Granted this is a southern truck that hasn’t seen winter, it still has 250k+ miles on the chassis. It doesn’t appear the sway bar bushings have ever been changed, and definitely have never been upgraded. Time, wear, oil deterioration (from the previous engine leak), and poor performance is what lead me to do this simple job using PN 3.5178R from Energy Suspension.


What I couldn’t see was the end link wear. As you can see from the picture below the bolt was very warn and on its way to breakage soon. The Kit from Energy comes with all new hardware so that was no issue.

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Post install the overall road feel and response is much better. With the air suspension, all the suspension components see way higher range of motion so more upgrades to come.

Energy Suspension Sway Bar

If you’re looking to replace bushings, some tips and tricks to keep in mind are:

  • Not all polyurethane is created equal. Find a solution where the durometer (hardness) is accurate for your application. Energy Suspension is known for such attention to detail.
  • Rubber bushings will deteriorate with age; consider preventative maintenance before the issues arise.
  • Prelube. Use it. Energy Suspension offers a great solution in PN 9.11104.
  • Allows Sway Bar System To Work At 100% Efficiency.
  • Handling Characteristics Improve Dramatically for on road or off road use.

Truck: Red, 1993, C1500, 2wd, full Air suspension, Standard cab/step side.

All of Energy Suspensions products can be found at the link below.


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