LS Swaps. Everyone’s doing it.

Modern Car EngineLS Swaps are An ever-growing trend in the performance aftermarket. Enthusiasts are putting junkyard LS motors in everything from RX-7’s and 240SX’s to ’69 Camaro’s, ’72 Chevy pickups and Fox Body Mustangs. They provide reliable performance, with great fuel economy for a reasonable price. It is not uncommon to pick a boneyard motor up for under $1000 at your local salvage yard or from your favorite online marketplace. The type of buyer ranges from your budget hot rodder to your full-on Riddler Award level guy, and everything in between. Manufacturers have therefore come with a huge selection of products, and services to provide to these prospective customers. Items like ECU’s and fuel injection systems to rods, cranks and pistons. These motors are capable of eclipsing the 1,000 HP plateau and products like superchargers, turbo kits and nitrous kits are available to help in that endeavor. This platform provides a great opportunity for people selling parts and services in the performance aftermarket. Is the LS the next Small Block Chevy? Time will tell…until then, it has become a significant player in the performance hot rod/Muscle car market.

Here are some popular parts used in an LS Swap:

  • 60508Painless 60508 – LS1 Engine Swap Harness60508
    • Designed for the 1998-2002 LS1 mechanical throttle body engines using an LS1 / LS6 ECM with a 4L60E/4L65E automatic or T56 manual transmission.
    • This kit includes a new fuel injection harness with OEM fitment connectors and harness breakouts, an OBDII connector, mounting bracket and check engine light, rubber grommet, and mounting hardware.


  • Be Cool 80229 – LS Swap Radiator ModuleBe Cool Product Shots
    • This Be Cool module is rated for 700HP, and features a Be Cool Direct-Fit dual 1″ core radiator, with qualifier euro-black dual fans and stainless steel and/or aluminum electric fan mounting brackets and hardware. Also included is a diamond-cut aluminum vented recovery tank, billet aluminum round-style radiator cap, a wiring harness with temperature control sending unit and a 40 AMP relay.


  • Scat 1-44405BI – LS Rotating AssemblyChevy LS
    • The LS Series of SCAT Rotating Assemblies feature lightened throws, gun drilled mains, a large radius on all rod journals, as well as lightening holes in all rod journals, dual linear post keyways for dampers, and are precision ground, heat treated, shot peened, and nitride hardened for superior wear resistance.

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