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  • SCE’s Graph-Form™ exhaust gaskets are extra thick, so they conform to warped or pitted header & exhaust system sealing surfaces as much as 1/16″ out of tolerance. Proprietary Graph-Form material outperforms all competing brands for high temperature sealing. Great for Welded Header Flanges, Turbo Flanges, Collectors & Cast-Iron Exhaust Manifolds to name a few! Compare and see Read More
  • Monster Hooks offers high-quality recovery accessories that are simple, safe, strong, and contribute to your truck’s appearance! Monster Hook tow hooks and Reaper shackles are available in a variety of colors to match your truck’s look while still offering the dependable performance you demand. Made in the USA, equip your truck with Monster Hooks recovery Read More
  • SCE Gaskets patented Integral Combustion Seals perform the function of O-ringed blocks and heads without the added machining costs. They also provide extra sealing in high combustion pressure environments where rules prohibit O-ringing. The ICS Titan features stainless steel O-ring wire inserted into the gasket body around the cylinder bore, with combustion pressure forcing the Read More
  • Looking for an effective solution for providing excellent sealing in high performance street and mild competition applications? SCE’’s unique Pro Seal composite gaskets feature three elements: cold rolled steel core with pure graphite facing attached to both sides, plus an extra thick steel fire ring armor. It’’s a purely compressible gasket that can handle up Read More
  • SCE Dyno Paks are tailor-made for engine builders and other volume gasket users. Dyno-Paks are a ‘‘right sized’’ bulk program ideally suited for dyno shops who repeatedly use only certain gaskets out of a complete set for component swaps, or builders who use a specific combination of gaskets in their most popular builds. Each Dyno Read More
  • SCE takes solid copper gaskets to the next level by adding patented coolant and oil seals to provide effective containment channels with a minimal clamping load. The fluid seals are bonded to both sides of the gaskets and cleverly offset to allow the annealed copper of the gaskets to deform around them for a better Read More
  • MLS Spartan Head Gasket
    The correct gaskets are critical to any Engine Build. SCE Multi-Layered Stainless Steel (MLS) Spartan head gaskets are specifically designed and engineered to match the most popular OE and aftermarket heads and blocks.
  • Not all solid copper gaskets are created equal. SCE uses premium 99% pure copper sheets rolled to SCE specifications (choice of 12 different thicknesses) and tested for uniform flatness to assure precise cylinder head-to-block alignment and eliminate uneven loading. After processing, each gasket is annealed to ensure optimum mating and provide measurable gains in cylinder Read More
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